Saturday, 7 July 2012

At last I've found a way in again

Well finally I've made it back. I must be about the worst blogger around. I have been so busy lately between card making and working and the like. I was meant to have this afternoon to myself but the lass that was meant to be modelling for hubby was in a car crash and is on the road to hospital. Hopefully she's ok but I guess we will hear later.

I have now done two craft fairs and next week I do my third one. I am finding as I do them that there are a lot of things I don;t cover but I'm gradually getting there and making them.  I have now become a great friend of Craftsuprint these days. They have some fantastic stuff there.  I am also trying to get ideas together to make wedding invitaions.  I've done two weddings before but the brides knew what they wanted and I worked round that. Well I guess I better go try get something done. Hopefully I will get back soon. I hope you are all well and not getting too wet xx

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  1. Glad you are back, I know what you mean about the time, I dont know where it goes, Mary x