Sunday, 29 April 2012

My cards

These aren't watermarked but seems its easier to send from my phone lol

Back again at last

Hi there, I'm going to try this again.  I had major problems getting rid of my last attempt. Here's hoping I get it right this time.

I must try harder to be a better blogger. I was so busy with getting stuff ready for my first ever craft sales table. It went quite well and I even sold a few cards, got orders for a couple more. I've been asked told I'll get the chance of their next one. If I can book the time off I  hope to do another at the start of June. I am hoping I'm not selling either too dear or too cheap.  My new thing now is to put an insert in them as I go and label etc. should make for less stress. I also now know that I need to make more male cards and some more childrens ones too.

Last weekend I was at an Amy Shaw demo day and then next day I was at a workshop with her which were both fantastic. I did manage to spend loads but also not over spend. I have loads of new ideas now though.

I have since my last post I have found out how to watermark or at least put my name on my pics. It seems now I just need to find out how to resize and all that jazz. I'll get there.

Have a nice night. I do hope you are all safe and not too wet.  Hugs xxx